Flea Market Exstravaganza

If you’re ever in the area of Springfield, OH you must go to the flea market, it is something to experience, if you’re a flea market junkie like me. One of my favorite items of the day was this beautiful VINTAGE RUG, absolutely beautiful.

I guarantee you’ll have more fun if you take family or friends with you,  it also helps with finding your treasures.  My parents and sister ride along every year to help me find specific items I may need for my clients or me, I’m the one in the middle.  We are total scavengers when it comes to flea markets.  We had a beautiful day this year and it was even better spending it with them.

 I love to mix things up in my designs.  I feel a room feels soulless unless there is a unique piece incorporated in the design.  The aesthetic that I bring to the design is a vintage or antique piece that has a story. Your home should tell a story about you and your personality.  I feel a unique piece brings an element of surprise and conversation to the design.  This piece I am holding is from 1954, it is hard to read the artist name, but what a gem of a find for $20.00.  So look deep when your shopping, you never know what priceless piece you will find.

The Flea Market has something for everyone even plants.  We buy our fall mums there every year for $8.00, they are very large so we pick them up when we are done for the day.  So don’t forget your wagon you will definitely need it.  


I wanted to share one more picture it was my favorite of the day.